What is ASIC colocation?

In the cryptocurrency world, the term colocation refers to hosting computers as a service. Those with ASIC cryptocurrency miners seek out colocation services to host their equipment so they don’t have to. Hosting ASIC equipment can become complex and require substantial specialized infrastructure, that’s not easy to find. Here at SOLminer Farm, we offer colocation services to ASIC miners so they can focus on scaling their equipment, instead of the infrastructure needed to run that equipment.

AntMiner Bitmain S19 Pro colocation services in USA.

The AntMiner Bitmaini S19 Pro is a popular ASIC miner for bitcoin cryptocurrency mining. Here at SOLminer Farm, we offer colocation services for S19’s and many other popular bitcoin ASIC mining hardware. ASIC mining hardware changes constantly as technology evolves. We are constantly testing different ASIC mining rigs and innovating our infrastructure to accommodate the fast changing needs of the evolving mining hardware industry.

Who offers ASIC colocation services in USA?

If you have ASIC mining hardware that you’re looking to get online, consider contacting us about our ASIC colocation services. All our sites are based in USA to ensure maximum security for your ASIC mining hardware.

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