What is ASIC Hosting?

Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) cryptocurrency mining hardware is typically designed for one specific task. The hardware does this one specific task very well, but it often can’t do anything else well. The most commonly known ASIC hardware is used for Bitcoin cryptocurrency mining.

Should I host ASICs in USA?

Cryptocurrency mining equipment is expensive and it’s important to protect your investment. When choosing a colocation host to manage your cryptocurrency mining equipment, you’ll want to consider all the risks. The first risks to get comfortable with is choosing the country to host your mining hardware in. USA is a great place to host your ASIC mining hardware for many reasons. ASIC hosting in USA is typically seen as safer than many countries due to the enforcement of fraudulent activities, stability of business ventures, accessibility to visit, etc. Make sure you think strongly about where your ASIC hardware will be hosted when deciding on an ASIC hosting provider.

Who in USA host’s ASIC?

Here at SOLminer Farm, we exclusively host mining equipment in USA. We are owned and operated by USA born and raised citizens and SOLminer Farm is funded by majority USA-based investors.

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