ASIC vs. GPU: Which fits your needs?

The goals of your mining endeavor are going to be the first step in selecting the right type of cryptocurrency to focus on. While SOLminer can assist with both, we want to make sure our customers make an informed decision on which option to pursue.

For those of you still in that decision-making phase, let’s start with the basics.

What is ASIC?

Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) are strictly used for just cryptocurrency mining. It’s a specialized chip that requires specialized hardware to mine as well. These machines require a more robust structure to handle the workload. Picture a more expensive, louder, and more intense animal, an angry rhinoceros, if you will, in the world of data mining. The interesting characteristics of the machine set up, though, are that they tend to require less maintenance and can be more efficient in power consumption (see a larger discussion on environmental impact and how SOLminer answers those concerns about the environment and mining in our blog Cryptomining and the Environment: Why It Should Matter to You). These beasts of mining are harder to source and require a more sophisticated and robust electrical configuration than the average homeowner would have already outfitted. Not impossible to configure, but getting it wrong could be costly and unsafe.

  • What are the biggest considerations for mining ASIC?
    More limited types of cryptocurrencies: Likely you’ll find Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Zcash mined from an ASIC operation. These are some of the more commonly used names in the cryptocurrency market, but it’s not a huge coverage in the market when it comes to type.
  • Ease of mining: Going back to our previous angry rhinoceros description, mining ASIC requires a machine and electrical configuration to support it. Most homes do not have the upgraded outlets needed to power these mining machines. Not only a concern for the sheer volume of the machine operating, but the heat pumped out also requires proper ventilation and electrical configurations to handle the demand.
  • Repairs/maintenance: Oftentimes a simple reboot can get your process back on order, but how long it may be down before you notice there is an issue or how long it may take to source parts, if needed, are legitimate concerns. Knowing where to find those parts from reputable sources can be a unique challenge as well.

What is a GPU?

Graphics Processing Units (GPU) is a programmable processor specialized for computer screen images. Unlike the ASIC, GPU can be used in a variety of capacities in both video and graphics rendering. They also are gaining traction in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). Originally used for 3D graphics, there’s a host of visual effects and techniques that developers can implement with GPUs to satisfy a design need. The setup needed to mine GPUs, again compared to its angry rhinoceros counterpart ASIC, is far less cumbersome, but not trivial.

What are the biggest considerations for mining GPUs?

  • Expanded types of cryptocurrencies: GPU mining will open additional types of cryptocurrencies compared to ASIC operations. More choices for your mining efforts can potentially lead to a bigger market share or different goals that are achievable.
  • Ease of mining: Mining GPU will mean more frequent fixes and more maintenance compared to the ASIC operations. GPUs do tend to have parts that are easier to source and replace, however. You’ll want to do your homework before repairs occur, and should be sourced before the need arises. The setup for
  • GPU mining is more easily configured – lower overall noise, lower heat production, and power sourcing doesn’t require a major overhaul. Ventilation, though, is a must!
  • Repairs/maintenance: As mentioned above, GPUs will break more frequently and generally require more maintenance to keep production running smoothly. Parts sourcing, repairs, and general overseeing are considerations that any GPU mining operation should account for in the plans for any scale operation.

What SOLminer Can Do for Your Mining Needs

SOLminer is ready to make sure that regardless of your goals to mine with ASIC or GPU, you have the safest, best-secured, and best-equipped site to manage your mining operation. SOLminer offers solutions for both GPU and ASIC with state-of-the-art power and cooling configurations to minimize any disruptions.

We also take special care to protect and secure your operations from both a technology and physical location perspective, taking great aim to make sure that your privacy is secured online and on the grounds.

We’re able to offer large-scale hosting solutions for your operation with a personalized approach for the needs of every customer. Our staff is committed to providing holistic management- from monitoring electrical components and environmental factors to trouble-shooting or solutioning for any concerns that arise.

Contact us today to find out how SOLminer can help your operation reach your goals faster and more effectively.

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